New Years 2010 Recap

As I mentioned in my last post. My girlfriend and I went to the USS Hornet ( for new years eve. They were holding a WWII era dance with 3 live bands playing period music. I went Dressed in my Grand Fathers WWII US Army uniform, and my girlfriend dressed in a vintage looking dress and she made up her hair in a vintage style. When we first got there we were standing in line outside for a little while with other guests who were wearing period attire. They wouldn’t let us in until the band started playing. At first I thought that we were the only ones that were associated with the younger crowd though later we would see others our age and near our age. Once we were allowed to go inside the ship we had our tickets at will call, so we checked in our names, and got our tickets. (I bought tickets over the phone, which was $65/per person for Reserved Seating – and if you kept your ticket stub you could get free entry to the museum between Jan 1 and jan 31, and $55/ per person for the buffet dinner) Once we had gotten our tickets and were allowed on the ship we were escorted to our table, and when we arrived we had found that there were party favors such as hats, noise makers, and streamers etc on the table for the midnight event. After we sat for a minute we walked around and took a look at all the exhibits that were on both the bow (front) and aft (rear) of the ship. They had a few Helicopters, a space capsule, vintage prop driven fighter plane, and many other interesting vintage air craft. We had then gone up to the flight deck, where they used to launch and land air craft, and took a look around at the different air craft up on the deck.

We then decided to go downstairs back to the hanger bay and eat. The food wasn’t that great. I think for $55 they could have provided a better looking buffet. The drinks were not that pricey though. $2 – $6 mostly which had a selection from cocktails to champagne. While we were eating they had the first of 2 free dance lessons provided by Jim Truesdale, former Fred Astaire instructor. We watched that lesson from our table. Once we had our fill of the “interesting” food that was at the buffet, we decided to dance it off. They had 3 Bands playing throughout the night. 3 O’Clock Jump is a 16-piece classic Big Band that plays songs made famous by Count Basie, Glenn Miller, and Harry James. They play such favorites as In the Mood, Moonlight Serenade, Route 66, Tuxedo Junction, Pennsylvania 6-500, 1 O’clock Jump, 2 O’clock Jump plus many more. Those guys were really jumpin and jivin. They also had a tribute band of the Andrew Sisters named “The Singing Blue Stars” which were quite good. They sounded very close to the Andrew Sisters. We would go on and off the dance floor through the night. We participated in the second free dance lesson which was of the Waltz. That was a lot of fun. When Midnight came close we went up to the flight deck to watch the San Francisco fireworks show at the fan tail of the ship. 15 minutes of fireworks. It was awesome and had a decent view. After the fireworks we went back down to the hanger bay which we had noticed that they had streamers and confetti everywhere (which had been exploded over the crowd in the hanger bay) from the midnight countdown. We stayed in the hanger bay for the rest of the night and danced till 1:00 AM which was the end of the party. Or so we thought. The band played one more song (which they forgot they promised to play) and we danced till the end. We had so much fun. It was great. Looking forward to doing it again next year! We decided to go to the museum on Saturday with our free tickets. On new years night we found 2 tickets that 2 guests had left behind, which made it available to take my girlfriend’s little brother and sister. I hope everyone had a great new years and I hope this year of 2010 will be a better year for both the economy and ourselves. Here are some photos of the Event. Also some of the Exhibits on the carrier. Thanks For Reading. – Skrach

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  1. […] Last year we went to a new years party upon the USS Hornet aircraft carrier located at the former Alameda Naval/Air base in Alameda, California.  You can view my recap of what happened that night here: New Years 2010 Recap. […]

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