Viva Las Vegas 13 (Rockabilly Weekend)

In Las Vegas every year they have a huge event that is called “Viva Las Vegas“. It is a huge carshow, get together, concerts, expo and much much more. This year’s event is going to be held April 1, 2010 – April 4, 2010. If you like dancing they have many events in various casinos where you can go dancing to music of the swing era and rock and roll favorites as well as rockabilly hits. Las Vegas transforms into a vast city in the desert that is full of guys and gals dressed in 1930’s 1940’s and 1950’s era styled clothing. I have collected some photos for you and a few videos with footage of the event, there was even a COKE commercial with footage of one of the past events. I have yet to go. I would like to go someday. Looks like a ton of fun.

Coke Commercial

DVD Trailer of Viva Las Vegas

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  1. […] Viva Las ’50s: 13th rockabilly weekend takes Vegas nightlife back in time Sorry for the late post everyone.  I had the weirdest thing happen to me today. I woke up at 8AM, and then I decided to sleep in just a little more, like wake up at 9-10ish. Well when I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock, it read 2:15PM. I was like WHOA.. because it felt like I just slept only for an hour more, not 6 hours more. Wow. Anyways enough about me. For those of you who have followed my blog regularly I mentioned about Viva Las Vegas in an earlier post back in late January. You can visit that post by clicking here: Viva Las Vegas 13. […]

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