Luxton Lake House

Here is a great video I ran across while looking for vintage and retro websites. It is about a home owner that transformed her house into her own piece of retro serenity. I love the old fridge that she has in her house. They just don’t make anything like they used to…  I know of one at my old High School that is in a back lot that I would love to get my hands on. Its looks similar to this one:

I will show you in future posts some of my vintage furnishings that I acquired from my family. I also collect vintage cameras. In the video it takes place near a lake named “Luxton Lake” AKA “Lucky Lake”. It was claimed to be the first black community lakes. The nearby communities are full of beautiful houses that were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The state decided to get rid of the dam which was holding the water in from the incoming river which filled the lake. Which then soon after the lake turned back into a river it was not such a desired vacation spot anymore. So most of the residents abandon their houses. Here are some photos of a few houses that are part of that community.

Here is a before shot of the lake before they blew up the dam

Here is an after shot of the lake from about a year ago

So now the houses are being purchased and fixed up or in this case brought back to life. I love this video and I know you will too. A lot of great vintage pieces and the story how she got most of the furnishing is cool too.

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