Schwenken Musik

That is German for “swing music”. Which is the genre of music that I have in my record collection. I have a collection of records that I got from my grandmother. Over the years she collected a bunch of 45RPM, 33⅓RPM, and a few 78RPM records. Along with the records I got an old radio console. I am not sure of the year it was made, but my dad grew up with it in the late 50’s. It was manufactured by Packard Bell, and is tube operated. I just love it. Although the record player doesn’t spin freely. I use another stereo for when I play the records for now. I took a bunch of pictures of the stereo (which needs some cleaning) but you can see the great style this radio has. I love the knobs on the controls.  If you have any info on the console please let me know as I have limited info on it.

Here is part of my record collection:

I have 2 record books.

Here is a language tutor on learning German. My grandfather bought this after he returned from WWII.

I don’t use the stereo that is on top of the console. I do have my Ipod hooked up through the input jacks in the back. I only play big band and 1950’s music through my Ipod that way I don’t ruin the speakers with today’s music. I also have old commercials, news broadcasts, and vintage radio announcers (such as Wolfman Jack).

My First Computer was a Packard Bell. I can honestly say that they made better quality products before computers lol.

Below is the shot of the right cabinet open

Think that the cold war was an influence for the design of these knobs?

Below is the shot of the left cabinet open

Here is the rest of the photos.

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