Loosest Slots in town

I said slots.. not the other word.. this is a kid friendly blog…  Anyways my family and I love to play the slot machines in both Reno and Las Vegas. We love it so much that we actually own a few. We acquired them off of craigslist and through people we know. If you are planning to buy a slot machine yourself. There are a few things to watch out for. There are a lot of slot machines on craigslist and ebay that are from japan. These are called “skill stop” machines. Those are not like the typical US slot machines. You have to push a button to make the reel stop. Also you want to make sure that it is not missing the glass, as sometimes the glass is hard to find. We are planning to buy one more that we seen on craigslist. I like the older slots where you have to actually pull the handle to make the reels go. Here are a few photos of what we own. The first three are from the US the other old-looking one is from Germany we think. It takes big copper coins the size of a US silver dollar. It is completely mechanical unlike the others which need electricity to power the solenoids and lights. Here are a few photos of what we own.

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