Ebay purchase: 1950’s Kodak Movie Camera

Last night I was browsing the internet and thought about how I haven’t bought any antique/vintage cameras. I found a 1950’s Kodak Movie Camera. I usually don’t go for movie cameras, but I couldn’t pass this up since it was only 10 bucks. This model was made between Feb. – 1951 and March of 1956. The lense is  13mm/2.7. Back in the 50’s you could of went down to your local camera shop and purchased this camera for $47.50 (in 1951 dollars) which would be $389.62 in today’s money.

So I bid on it and I won. I looked it up and the price for these go for anywhere from $40 – $200+ depending on the condition. I found this one which is selling for $200.

The one I won on ebay has the field case and is in great shape. I would love to find some 8mm film and record a movie.. maybe Disneyland.. oooooohh! That would be AWESOME. It would look vintage but new lol.. I wish Disneyland would have a retro day.. that would make it that much sweeter. Anyways here are a few pictures of the one I won. I will do an additional post when it arrives.

Here is a video taken in Disneyland in 1958 with a Kodak Brownie Movie Camera (when it was new)


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