Vintage and Now with Google Maps

I live in San Lorenzo California, which is a small community. The next town over is San Leandro. I have a bunch of photos that I found on Ebay, and found their location via Google Maps. I thought it would be cool to do a before and after. I always think about places in San Lorenzo, Hayward, and San Leandro and how they may have looked when they were first built or the changes that were made around some of the still standing buildings and local historical landmarks. I think its interesting how much things have changed just during my life.

East 14th Street

East 14th Street

East 14th Street/ 144th Ave

Hesperian Blvd and Olive Ave

San Leandro Blvd and Williams St

Estudillo Ave

Here are a few postcards of what would be Washington Ave and East 14th Street (All of this has been torn down.)

Below you can see the bus stop area and also that Washington Ave does no longer go through, instead runs right into the shopping centers parking lot.

I know that most of you won’t recognize the places in these photographs, but I did this to try to spark the interest to see what your surroundings once looked like way back when. I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you have any before and after photos like this I am interested in seeing them.

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