1950’s Kodak Movie Camera (My review)

A few days ago I wrote about a vintage 1950’s Eastman Kodak Movie Camera that I won on Ebay. Well today I received the movie camera in the mail! It came very quickly.  It came from Arizona, from a care home facility. They have a thrift store that they sell items that have been donated to raise money to assist in the care of the dying and bereaved.  When I received it the camera was protected to the fullest with the box being completely wrapped in tape, camera surrounded in packing paper, then wrapped in a ziplock back that was also tape. I opened field case to reveal the camera. It was better looking that the photos that they had on ebay. The camera looks like it wasn’t ever used. I opened it to see if it had everything inside such as a reel and if there may of been any vintage film inside. The reel was there but unfortunately no vintage film lol. I wound it up by cranking the little ear lever on the right side and then I pressed the trigger as if I was going to shoot video and it works flawlessly. Above is a shot through the view finder. Below are a few photos of my camera.


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