Retro Retailer List: Store #1

Today’s post is the very First of the series of establishments for my List of Retro Retailer’s. What is a Retro Retailer? A “Retro Retailer” is either an online store or actual store that sells vintage, retro, dated, evocative, in period style, nostalgic, old world, old-fashioned, out-of-date, passe, or period specific merchandise that is either new, original, or old. If you are looking for retro items to spice up your kitchen, office, or wardrobe, this list will help you in finding the item you are looking for and also few items you can’t live without. These stores are not listed in any particular order. If I have not done a personal review of the business listed below I have not done business with them, so please buy at your own risk. Please let me know if you have any issues with anyone listed. I will take immediate action and delete them off the list. (if you have any stores you want to recommend or if you would like me to look at your business please contact me and let me know. You can email me at

Retro Retailer #1

The First store on my list is a little store called “8Ball“.

8ball is located in the city of Burbank also known as, “The Media Capital of the World”. They have a store front that is located at:

3806 West Magnolia Boulevard

Burbank, California 91505

They are open:
Mon – Fri: 11am – 7pm
Sat: 11am – 6pm
Sun: noon – 5pm

They have a little of everything. They have clothing, items for the kitchen, for the bar, for the bath, for the bedroom, for the living room, for the Office, magnets, Picture Frames/Mirrors, Tiki decor, Hula and Hawaiiana, For the Garden, Lamps and Lighting, and much much more. They have some really awesome items. I am planning to purchase these items my next pay check or maybe when my tax return comes in.

First Item is a set of bar glasses with retro patterns on them:

They are for for sale via their website ( For: $24.95

The description reads: Give your drinks a fifties kick with the retro-inspired Boomerang Glass Set. Each set comes with 4 colorful glasses–blue, green, pink, and red–that hold 13 ounces of your favorite beverage. Maybe a milkshake or a Grape Nihi? The Retro Boomerang Glass Set comes attractively boxed for gift giving–or receiving!

The second item I want to buy is the Classic bottle opener:

It is for sale via their website ( for: $6.50

The description reads: This classic wall-mounted metal bottle opener evokes instant thoughts of cold beers and soda pops. A must-have for any bar or kitchen! The Classic Metal Opener measures 3″ in width and has enameled lettering.

The final item I plan to get are these awesome Tiki Salt and pepper shakers:

These guys are for sale via their website ( for: $17.95

The description reads: Meet Pa’akai (salt) and Nioi (pepper), two quirky tikis that will add a dash of character–and flavor!–to your decor. The 4″ tall ceramic shakers are designed by renowned artist Shag, and the attractive display box is decorated with his signature artwork.

So please drop by their website ( or their store (address listed above) and take a peek at all the awesome retro items that make them eligible to be a “Retro Retailer”. Once I buy from them I will do a full review of my experience with them.

Thanks for reading,


Retro Retailer List:

1. 8 Ball

2. Retro Planet

3. Monster Vintage

4. Retro-a-go-go!

5. Jack and Friends

6. Ms.Metal


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