New T.V. goes retro

Some of you readers may have already seen this little retro styled TV circling the web. Though I thought I would do a post about it as well. LG known for its mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and flat screen televisions, has stepped out of the box and created a retro style T.V. This little TV is a bulky, retro-styled set that features rabbit ears, detachable chrome legs, and functional knobs for changing the channel and volume. You can even switch between full-color, black-and-white, and sepia modes. But the glossy orange 14-inch set doesn’t just look like it belongs in a living room on “That ’70s Show”; it uses trusty old cathode ray tube, or CRT, technology with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The LG Series 1 Retro Classic T.V. does have some modern flourishes, however, including a digital tuner, composite video input, and wireless remote (though for authenticity, I would have preferred a remote with a 30-foot cable, or one that when the buttons were pressed would click loudly lol).

Sadly, this charming set is available only in Korea at the moment, selling for 249,000 Korean won (about $216 US). But just imagine watching classic T.V. Shows such as I love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith Show, and many others on this retro T.V. set. It would really be a neat T.V. to put in a kitchen area too.

I am happy to say that Retro is coming back full swing. I was recently in Khols, and bought a bunch of button up shirts with a vintage plaid pattern on them, and included a plain colored t-shirt all for $18. They remind me of the shirts that Beaver Cleaver used to wear.

I just bought a 37 inch LCD flat screen, so I don’t think I would buy the LG T.V. But if I had room I would for sure! Below are some photos of the TV.

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