Retro Retailer List: Store #3

Today’s post is the Third of the series of establishments for my List of Retro Retailer’s. What is a Retro Retailer? A “Retro Retailer” is either an online store or actual store that sells vintage, retro, dated, evocative, in period style, nostalgic, old world, old-fashioned, out-of-date, passe, or period specific merchandise that is either new, original, or old. If you are looking for retro items to spice up your kitchen, office, or wardrobe, this list will help you in finding the item you are looking for and also few items you can’t live without. These stores are not listed in any particular order. If I have not done a personal review of the business listed below I have not done business with them, so please buy at your own risk. Please let me know if you have any issues with anyone listed. I will take immediate action and delete them off the list. (if you have any stores you want to recommend or if you would like me to look at your business please contact me and let me know. You can email me at

Retro Retailer #3 is a really neat online store to go to. They have a little of everything. I love the line of vintage clothing. Think of this site as an online second-hand store but without the moldy smell and paper price tags of a real second-hand store. I like the letter jackets that they have for sale. They are reasonably priced just like most of their merchandise you will look great, and your wallet wont be empty. But there are a few key items that may break the bank. I really like this letter sweater, it reminds me of the Jacket that Cindy Williams wore when playing the character name Laurie Henderson from American Graffiti.

They have a ton of really awesome clothes. They also carry bowling shirts. I have always liked the look of bowling shirts. When I go bowling I have a 1970’s Safeway shirt that I enjoy wearing when I play.

They also carry Pendleton shirts. I have always wanted one.  Here is an example of one that caught my eye:

Here is some info on

(Info Taken from features a monster collection of vintage clothing. Showcasing decades of vintage clothing fashions and designs from past eras that will never die.

Some history was started just after 9/11, when our vintage export business to Japan dropped-off due to the heightened security surrounding that tragic event. Rising from bottom and the mounds of vintage clothing in our warehouse Monster Vintage was created. We’re in the beautiful Pacific Northwest nestled in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area.

The drive

Our passion is to bring our monster stash of vintage clothing to you, providing you with one of the largest selections of fashionable vintage and retro clothing as well as one of the best kept stocks of favorite classics, stored on-hand for you trend breakers.

We hope to make the task of buying traditional vintage clothing easy and enjoyable for you. Detailed pictures and descriptions make it simple to find retro and vintage clothes for your own personal style. We keep on top of the latest fashion waves and have cultivated a small network of incredibly well-informed fashion advisors to ensure we maintain our position as head monster in the constantly changing tide of fashion. Monster Vintage adds new clothing every week and opens new departments as the fashion world ebbs and flows, slowly mixing the best fashions of the last century with the eye of today.

Why vintage reigns and remains

We don’t stop at maintaining a monster supply of vintage and retro clothing. We strive to be the source of style for everyone with a desire for individual self-expression: international, national, local, ethnic, cultural, young and old. One-of-a-kind vintage eliminates the risk of wearing the same ol’ big name-brand department store cookie-cutter cloth that everyone else has. Working a few pieces of vintage into your wardrobe will keep it distinctive yet versatile. can help you enhance your image with stylish vintage clothing and accessories.

Groovy happenings

Many designers, theaters, film creators, magazines, TV shows and pageants purchase authentic vintage clothing from, we also provide a reference point in the vintage industry that is commonly regaled as the best and most reliable source of vintage clothing today.

The happen-en pad… man

Our monster online gallery of over 100 categories of hand-selected, authentic, vintage clothes and collectibles offers the convenience of shopping at anytime and from anywhere.

So grab a refreshing beverage and enjoy the experience our website provides and take comfort in knowing that we’re devoted to supplying recyclable vintage clothing.

Sign up for the news letter and receive updates, and discount/sale info

Keep updated with our occasional newsletter filled with super secret sale info. When we have sales the savings is generally 20 – 40% for newsletter readers.

You can sign up for the news letter for by clicking on the following link.


Well that concludes today’s retro retailer (number 3 on the list) I hope you enjoyed reading about and browsing Please let me know if you make any purchases from them and let me know your experience with them.

Thanks for reading,


Retro Retailer List:

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2. Retro Planet

3. Monster Vintage

4. Retro-a-go-go!

5. Jack and Friends

6. Ms.Metal


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