Red Tractor Cafe

4290 Dublin Blvd #220
Dublin, CA 94568

Phone: (925) 828-8300

In Dublin California, there is a really neat cafe called Red Tractor Cafe. It’s a new business that has strong vintage flair. It was formerly located in Oakland which then relocated to its current location.

Old Oakland Location

Current Location in Dublin, California

“Farmer Andy” the proprietor really has reinvented the old diner feel inside the cafe. When you first walk in, you look up at the huge sign above the register to pick something delicious to eat.  You can’t go wrong with anything that you choose. I have a few favorites, “Mom’s Pot roast” which is soo good and soo big that I always over stuff myself and feel like going into hibernation. The other menu item on my favorites list is, “farm-house breakfast” It has Eggs, Bacon, Sausage patties, Pancakes, and a Biscuit smothered in gravy for $9.99.  After you order you pay before you grab a seat you are given a number with a farm related word on the sign so when the food comes out they know which table it belongs to and they also give you mason jars to put whatever you would like to drink in. I always get the ORANGEADE. To top any dish off with a great beverage be sure to get the Ice cold ORANGEADE.

It is so delicious, and the best part about it you get free refills.You can see the menu via or by clicking here. The Decor is very interesting, the tables are made to look like they have been made out of old advertisement signs. The seats are diner style red booths and metal chairs with red vinyl. There is a full wall full of mason jars full of bottled vegetables and such.

The lamps look like they were taken from a dairy farm milking barn. It is just a really neat atmosphere. The service here is awesome. I have never had an issue with their food or their service. They are listed on On their site, they have this to say about Red Tractor Cafe:

“Drop into Red Tractor Cafe for good times and great food. The restaurant is a neighborhood favorite, and offers a casual, friendly dining atmosphere that you and your friends are sure to enjoy. Red Tractor Cafe also features a friendly, professional staff of great people, who will make sure you enjoy your visit and that Red Tractor Cafe lives up to its reputation for pleasant dining and superb cuisine. The menu offers an inspired array of selections that is sure to satisfy everyone in your group, every time. Be sure to ask your server about new selections, daily specials, and special chef’s creations. Whether you’re in the mood for casual dining or a special occasion, Red Tractor Cafe is sure to please.”

Below is a bunch of photos of the inside and exterior of the restaurant.

So if you happen to drive through Dublin, and you are hungry make sure you bring your big appetite to the Red Tractor Cafe.

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