Nostalgia Electronics’ Retro Series Appliances

I have not listed this as one of my item on the list for my “Retro Retailer List” and that is because I am spotlighting a few products not the actual company. I will do a future post adding this awesome company to my Retro Retailer List. If you are looking for some really cool appliances for your kitchen are must  for the retro-ist. All of these products are made by a company called “Nostalgia Electronics”. They have all sorts of things. From Popcorn Machines to Snow Cone Machines. I have a hot dog machine like one of the ones they have for sale but mine is not as cool as theirs. Retro and Vintage style never left, but has gotten stronger and more publicized recently. Here are a few products that I thought that I would spotlight and showcase.

First off here is a nifty soda machine that would look great in a retro styled den, garage, or kitchen. This would be an awesome conversation piece if you loaded it up with the “Throw back” soda’s that Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, and Mt. Dew came out with this year.

Soda Machine


Popcorn Machines

Next here are some really awesome popcorn machines that would go great in the home theater center areas of your house.


Hot Dog Machines

Here are 2 of the Hot dog machines that they have. I love the rotisserie one. We own one similar to the “cart”  styled one, but it is not as nifty.


Snow Cone Machines/ Sweet Treat Machines

Snow Cone anyone?? They have a variety of drink and treat appliances as well. All styled in a retro style like the rest of their products.


Retro Phones and Radios

They also carry other items, not just kitchen and food related appliances. They also carry retro styled new telephones, and retro styled new radios. All of which would really make that eye sore of a phone or new era radio disappear and blend in with your vintage or retro decor.


So please click on any of the photos to see what other products they have in stock. They are a little pricey but you are paying for the look and style. I really like the idea that some of these could fit into a lot of applications. These can be used and look correctly styled at home, in a diner, at a local theater, home theater, kitchen, cafe, ice cream shop, and much more. Some of their older styled radios also have CD players in them. I would love to have the rotisserie hot dog cooker. That would be a conversation piece by itself. I hope you enjoyed checking out the products that I have on showcase from Nostalgic Elecrics’ website:

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