Retro styled Items using Street signs

I ran across these items when browsing around the internet the other day. I first ran across the book ends that were made out of street signs:

Rev up your paperbacks and put your hardbacks into gear with bookends handmade from legally salvaged traffic signs. Cut into abstract, modern shapes, these bookends add a bold pop of color and urban sentiment to any collection. Handmade in North Carolina by artist Tripp Gregson. Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary.

Then I came across these items:

High Traffic Purses

Created at the intersection of street style and high fashion, this unique clutch-style purse is all you need to complete a traffic-stopping look. Made by artist Tripp Gregson from legally salvaged traffic signs, the purse is a graphic mix of color and shape. Strong vinyl sides and a heavy ball chain strap make it a truly wearable piece of art, while the singular nature of the sign pattern make it a thoroughly uncommon gift. Assembled in North Carolina.

Recycled Street Sign Briefcase

A perfect gift for the man about town, this one-of-a-kind briefcase is not for those who drive in the slow lane. The aluminum case, created by artist Tripp Gregson, gets its dose of color and modern iconography from lawfully salvaged traffic signs. Interior organizer and file pockets, combination locks, a laptop compartment and carrying strap get you to the office and back, while its unique exterior make this briefcase anything but pedestrian. Made in China. The veneer work is done in North Carolina.

Street Sign Coasters

How far can you coast on style? Pretty far, actually, with these streetwise coasters handmade by artist  Boris Bally from real recycled road signs. Signage is his passion, and the award-winning artist has spent years sifting through thousands of traffic signs and exploring their properties to forge distinctive creations like these conveniently shaped coasters. Each is hand cut and die formed so it’s ready for the beverage of your choice, then scrubbed clean and softened with a hand filed finish. Handmade in Rhode Island. Sold as a set of four.

Recycled Traffic Sign Bottle Opener

Colorful and convenient, this bottle opener keychain is handmade from recycled traffic signs by North Carolina artist Tripp Gregson. Each is one-of-a-kind; pattern and colors will vary. Sold individually.

License Plate Mail Box

The postal service reaches all states of our union and keeps us connected. Now there’s a mailbox that reflects this nation-wide reach. Clad in real state license plates with a billiard ball handle, this mailbox will add unmistakable flair to your front yard. Each is one of a kind and will feature a unique mix of plates. Sorry, no choice of states or billiard ball. Handmade by Aaron Foster in California.

High Traffic Gadget Case

Take your style to the street with artist Tripp Gregson’s  high traffic gadget case. Made from legally salvaged traffic signs, this bold and durable gadget case has a keyed lock to keep your belongings safe. A shoulder strap makes it easy to tote around this traffic-stopping case, which can be used as a purse, iPod or MP3 carrier, or digital camera case. Click here to see the  inside. Case made in China, finished in North Carolina. Each case is one-of-a-kind and color will vary.

Road Tested Chair

There’s nothing pedestrian about this chair. Artisan John Carter combines fine art, interior design and social commentary for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. The New York City “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs actually work – and a remote control is included to turn them on and off. The legs are made from reconfigured, customized steel street sign brackets, with galvanized, heavy duty self-leveling feet.

The chair can come complete with all the genuine scuffs and stains of its New York City roots or can come “squeaky clean” with a fresh coat of paint.The seating surfaces have been reglazed with one inch-thick polished resin, cushioned with felt suspension. The chair plugs into a standard 115V AC outlet, and the standard bulbs (included) are replaceable. Handmade in New York City.

All of these items can be found at

They are kinda pricey but they are really unique. They also have a lot of other items that are pretty cool. So be sure to check them out.

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