Craigslist Find: Playland ticket book

Hey everyone! I am always looking for things to spend the money I don’t have. I love gadgets, disneyana, old cameras, ford pinto related items, wwii items, and much more. Well the other day when I was looking on craigslist, I decided to search for playland. This was my first time searching for anything playland related on craigslist. I have done a few searches on ebay but never on craigslist. Anyways I noticed a listing that said “VINTAGE 1967/68 – Playland At-The-Beach * Ticket Book (MINT) * Unused – $25 (novato)

So I took a look. The ad read:

VINTAGE 1967/68 – Playland At-The-Beach * Ticket Book (MINT) * Unused

I have a full unused ticket book for Whitneys – Playland At-The-Beach, in San Francisco.
It is a MINT CONDITION, complete with all 20 tickets – each for a 10 cent ride.

This is an “original” not a reproduction.
Tickets expire at the end of 1968 so figure these were issued somewhere around 1967/68.

Ticket booklet measures 2” tall x 5 ½” wide (approx)

There are (5) tickets per page – 4 pages = total of 20 tickets.

The ticket booklet is complete, very clean and MINT.
Slight discoloration on back cover (It looks like this might be the way it was printed – see pic)

$25 * Shipping is possible

He had similar photos like this of the ticket book


So I asked him if he would take $20 and he said “that’s a fair price” so we made the arrangements for me to go to Navato to pick them up (about and hour drive from my house)  When I got there and he showed me the tickets I was stunned on how nice condition they were. Not one bend in them! He even was nice enough to put them in a clear plastic cover then into a hard plastic protective sleeve! So I gave him the $20 and took them home. These are really a great piece of playland memorabilia. I am glad I was able to get them. Here are some photos of the actual tickets:

The only visual damage was this price marking that must of came from the garage sale he bought it from

$20 might be steep for a ticket book that originally cost $2.00 but where can you find these? So I really think that I found something fairly rare. When was the last time you seen tickets for playland? Most likely when you last went to playland. These will be in my collection of local americana for a long time. I have NO intention of selling these.  I can now say that I own a piece of Whitney’s Playland at the beach 🙂

For those of you who do not know what playland is please check out my blog entry about playland. Playland was a beach side amusement park located across from Ocean beach in San Francisco. Here are a few photos of Playland.  Playland unfortenatly closed in 1972 and was replaced by condos..

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  1. I have a 1952 3/4 ton Chevy Truck from Playland.

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