R.I.P. Baby Girl 1994-2010

Baby and my Uncle Larry

I know my blogs are usually happy and positive but unfortunately today our wonderful dog “Baby” had to be put to sleep today due to an large amount of internal bleeding from her nose. She was about 16 years old.  For the duration of her stay with us at my house she has had a lot of “old dog” problems including getting up and laying down. She would wake me up around 3 AM to let her out by whining until I woke up. She only pee’d in the house once that I know of, all of the other times she waited till I woke up. We gave her glucosimine tablets and that seemed to help with her getting up and down  although she would take her time getting up and laying down. She also had minor hip displaysia (if i spelled that right). Last night she has a bad bloody nose where she lost a lot of blood. We thought it was done bleeding, but through the night continued to bleed. We knew it was only a matter of time that she would lose more blood than her body could handle.  She was a chow, although she was huge for a chow about the same size as a German shepherd. She was one of the best dogs that you could of ever had. Most people say that chows are aggressive but Baby was as timid as a puppy. But she had a bark that would detour you from getting near our house if you didn’t know about her timidness. But was always happy to see you. She started life as my Grandmother’s dog, my Uncle Larry raised her and trained her well. After my Grandmother passed away my Uncle Larry took care of her (although it was him taking care of her mostly anyways lol)  When he got sick and then had passed away, we brought her into my house. Of which she lived for about 3 or so years up until today when she was put down. I always have gone to ALL of our dogs last days when they had to be put down. I have always felt that I wanted to make sure that they knew I was there till the end. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go with Baby to her’s. My dad had taken her in without telling me when he was going to and had it done. So I was unable to say goodbye. Although I am certain she knows I love her and would of been there if I could have. She was 16 years old, which is 112 in dog years. She will be missed although I know she is in good hands being taken care of by my Uncle Larry and Grandmother. I love you and I will miss you Baby girl…  I will see you when it’s my time to go…  untill then you will forever be in my heart. I love you, tell everyone that I love and miss them when you see them up in the great beyond… Goodbye my Baby girl.

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  1. I was so touched… about to cry… I will miss her too… You did a good job on the pic.

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