Great commercial for future thinking

I first seen this commercial on tv one night and it gave me chills. I strongly believe that the only way that we can dig our country out of this hole and bring pride back to the people of this country is if we are a part of the fix. We need to become a part of the country instead of being just an occupant of it. Meaning, we must become a part of industry or local business. If we stop out sourcing things to companies outside of the US, we can make the country money. I understand the concept of hiring someone at a cheaper price to make your company money, but too much of this is the reason why the United States is so broke. The majority of the money of the united states is used by paying companies outside of the USA to do services that can be done inside the US. After the money is sent to the companies outside of the US does it come back? not really..  More money goes out of the US than the amount that comes in to the US. This is the reason why we are broke as a country. Think about it: if you have a business that pays a company to do a service but you pay more to them than you make for the service or products you offer, would your business survive? of course not. This is why we as Americans need to make a change. If we minimize and regulate the amount of off shore services and outsourcing, and bring those services back to the US we can create jobs for people as well as stimulate our economy. We need to go back to the old ways.. the old ways from the age of industry era’s. We need to stop our old practices because apparently it is not working, and we need to try something new. Or in this case.. old.

We need to bring back the “personal pride”

“The things that make us Americans are the things we make. This has always been a nation of builders… craftsmen. As a people, we do well when we make good things, and not so well when we don’t. This was once a country where people made things. Beautiful things. And so it can be again.”

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