Reno or bust

We are on our way to Reno Nevada for a small vacation. I am in the car posting this via my blackberry. I have been going to Reno since I was very small. I can remember when it was difficult to walk down the street due to the amount of people that were there walking from club to club. I can remember Harolds club. That was my favorite casino because they has a wonderful gun collection, the interior was decorated like a wildwest saloon, and they had kept a lot of the old machines instead of upgrading to the new video slots. Next to Harolds club was the Nevada club which was also a neat place. I always remember Harley Davidson motorcycles being at the entrance with a sign that read “WIN ME!”. In the back of the club there was a diner-Ish cafe called the “bombshell cafe” or something like that. It was outfitted with an old bomb and old wwii advertisements for war bonds, enlistments, and bombshell girls. I am sure there was more but I was maybe 6 years old when I was there and interested in looking at all the details. I was 11 when they closed the doors of both harolds and Nevada club. I was very sad to see that part of Reno history disappearing. I still miss it. Reno has changed completely from what it once was when itwas growing up. Some of the large casinos were still open, the comstock, flamingo (the sister resort in Las Vegas was formerly owned by gangster Bugsy Siegal) the horseshoe, golden nugget, and eddies fabulous 50’s. Many great establishments gone into history. So now I go to visit and attempt to relive and remember the magic and majesty of Reno’s past. If you are ever near Reno you should drop in and take a drive down the strip and toss a few dollars into the machines.

Here are a few photos of old Reno in it’s prime. Along with a few newer photos of Reno.

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