Detroit’s abandoned mansions

We all know that Detroit is known for auto makers, and industry shapers. When Detroit was in its prime many wealthy business owners and high ranking employees of those business’s carved homes out of the community in nearby neighborhoods. Since the ups and downs of the auto industry, many automakers closed their doors in Detroit which left many families with a decision to make. Either stay in Detroit and find work in other business’s in the surrounding areas, or leave Detroit. Many people made the decision to cut their losses and move on and away from the Muscle car capitol of the world leaving their multi-million dollar mansions to be reclaimed back to the earth. Many are still just slowly falling apart. Here are some photos of the mansions you can see in Detroit that have been left behind.

To view more of these photos please visit Detroitderek’s Flickr site

Many of these mansions are for sale and in vacant neighborhoods. So if your looking for a mansion in a quiet area this is the place for you. I hope that someone restores some of these wonderful architectural marvels. When your in the motor city, take a trip to go see some of these monster houses and marvel at what they once looked like and what they could look like after restoration. I have always believed that if you and your family put some work into your house that is what makes it a home.

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  1. Wow! Some of these places are just amazing! Can you please tell me how to find more info on the ones for sale?!?! Is there online sites with more pics, info, and sale information? It has been my life long dream to restore an old large home just like these ones. If you can help me out, please respond a.s.a.p. Thank you very much for your time… Tyler J. Melton

    • Well, i dont think you would want to buy any of these properties due to the high crime rate home invasions in the area these places are located. there are reasons why they are vacant and if you check out the area you will see why. many of these homes have been stripped of anything valuable by theives. if you were to renovate and live in the area these dwellings are located you would just be a target for a b&e or worse! please take my advice and stay the hell away from this area!! it is not safe. P.S i got the hell out 10 years ago and it was the happist day of my life!!!

    • Hello I am a retired Chicago policeman who worked in cabrini green and robert taylor housing projects in chicago.I understand the problems but if i could obtain a mansion in fair condition I would live there.And one family at a time can change the vibe from noway to someday.So please give me the in formation on purchasing these beautiful buildings

  2. If you know of a good house mover you would probably want to move them to a better location, that would be your best option if you were seriously interested in one of these properties, being that the city of detroit is practically giving them away! the city is giving most of them away for a couple hundred dollars. and to move a house of this scale would range between $15,000 to $35,000 not much if you get the place for free!!

  3. What a shame. I bet these were once absolutely amazing.

  4. These are beautiful, and it is a shame, i hope someone relocates these structures. Architecture like this is disappearing there will never be homes like this again.

  5. It’s a shame Detroit did, has come to this! A great waste of land!!Houses have been neglected and abandoned for silly reasons.Whilst there are people who have’nt anywhere to live!!

  6. I love the pictures of Detroit Derek and what he says about each of them. Profound sadness is what I feel when I look at these and a sense of optimism of how we might change it all around. It has to matter to enough people to make the turn around happen, but it can happen. If it can happen in Pittsburgh, it could happen in Detroit. I think it starts with spending our money there. Small investments that gather momentum and expanding the boundaries of neighborhoods that are just holding on like Indian Village and then people might start moving back to Detroit. For people who work from home, it doesn’t matter where they live as far as nearby industry-this could be a mutually advantageous fit. I want to be a part of this movement and I hope others do to. I appreciate the Chicago policeman’s sentiments, “Noway to Someday”, it gives me hope and a sense of community and giving back. It is up to us to make this happen, we are the curators of our living history.
    Thank you for assembling this collection of really moving pictures.

  7. I grew up in Detroit until I was 13. It is a shame that the citizens have aloud this to happen to the once graceful homes of that city. I understand it takes money to keep up a property but to burn them down and scavange whats inside is just pathetic. These once grand homes to have been used for apartments if nothing else.

  8. im looking for any abandon mansion anywhere.please email me . Thanks

  9. These awesome homes were a special moment in time never to be repeated.

  10. I was in Detroit just this week and it is absolutely shameful that some of these beautiful structures have been let to ruin. Some of them have had the boards torn off the windows and vandals have had their way with them. If there was any copper or brass, its all gone. Quite frankly, you view some of these at your own peril, but it is so darned fascinating. Mid-morning seems to be the best time to snoop, as many of the trouble makers are just getting to sleep,

    The old Cass Technical H.S. is gone and a new one has taken its place, but is surrounded by hundreds (if not thousands) of vacant dwellings, including a 5-6 pod high-rise apartment complex (it probably housed over 1,000 families)…completely empty just blocks away, What a pity.

    Look up Cass, This is a school that for several generations generated unbelievable talents,

  11. Why dont they let the homeless tear them down and rebuilt small homes for homeless? They are just sitting there anyways someone should do it

  12. Well, its makes you wonder why after so many years they are still vacant.

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