Predicta TV Reproductions by Telstar

I ran across this website while looking for material to write about. I have always been a fan of the Predicta futuristic styled Television Sets. My first TV that I can remember from my childhood (being born in the 1980’s) was a RCA and it was in a wooden console. Those as you look back look so dated to that time period and very few products have the actual flair to keep up with the times. Although, a lot of the 1950’s style products do, whether it be appliances, furniture, lighting, and or art. I believe that it is because of the influence of the US Space program, interest in space exploration and the future that inspired designers to look to the future for styles. I for one can only imagine the amount of intrigue that must have been going through the heads of both children and adults alike during that time period. With so much unknown and so much at stake, it really was an exiting time.  During this time the styles of household items took an interesting stylish turn.

The Philco Predicta is a television made in several models by the Philco company in the late 1950s. It is arguably the most iconic television set in existence and is to most people the “classic” 1950s TV set — although with its trademark detached picture tube, it couldn’t be more atypical of an early television set.

Many Predictas were produced for the Holiday Inn hotel chain, but the design was considered too radical by everyday consumers, and many sets languished at television dealers. Slow sales, lack of a color model and very poor reliability eventually drove Philco into bankruptcy and sale in 1960.

Due in part to their outrageously 1950s styling and rarity of working examples, they are now highly sought-after collectibles. They have been featured many times in movies, TV, and music videos. Telstar acquired the rights to the name and now produces brand new sets with larger, color screens and modern internal electronics.

So if you are interested in purchasing a “new but old” TV set, you must direct yourself to their website ( and pick one out and contact

All I know is I want one! I need one in the worst way!

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  1. Boy was that interesting. I don’t every remember seeing any of those TV sets. Very nice article.

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