A new day is upon us

So because of the recent passing of my best friend and mentor Jeff Dunn, some big changes are happening in my life. Up to the 12th of January my life was brightened with the comedic comments and one liner jokes that Jeff and I said towards one another. I used to go to the shop and work on whatever projects we would have on the floor. Projects ranging from Shelby Mustangs, Mustang Coupes, Mustang Fastbacks, and other muscle cars of various makes and models. The work ranged from fixing and or replacing sheet metal, interiors, fabrication of new parts etc. It kept me busy. I learned so much under the roof of that shop both personally and professionally. Jeff allowed me to express my creative talents and expand them into what they are today. Jeff and I went to lunch every day. We talked often about everything from daily troubles to future goals to whatever was on our minds. Now that he is gone, I have this void. Not only for the friendship and mentoring that I got unconditionally from him, but now I do not currently have an avenue or outlet to expand my creative talents in fabrication and metal work. I have a lot of great people around me currently that have been giving me great advice and support. I am very fortunate for their friendship just as much as the friendship that I shared with the late Jeff Dunn. I have just been thinking of the people who I have come across in the past couple years. I have a great group of friends. Most are over twice my age. I relate to those who are of that age because I myself feel as if my mindset is from the same era as theirs. So for now, as I sit and ponder what to do next with my idle hands, I will devote more time to this blog. At Jeff’s memorial I was told by a classmate of his, “You will do something GREAT! I know you will. I can tell. I can feel it. I knew it after 2 minutes of meeting you” That really impressed me. Made me think. What will that be? What will I do? What can I do? Then I realized that all of the men and women in history have never known what they must do until it came to that time to go on with it. I tried to find my path by taking a large step and attempting to apply for the Automotive Painting Instructor position that Jeff left behind following his passing. I was shot down because all of my proof of my hard work, evidence of my skills, and professional references went with Jeff. Even though the school knows very well how much skill I have, how much work I have done, they are conveniently looking the other way and saying “Jeff is the only one who knew” which is totally uncalled for.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad, sad, upset, or bothered by it in any way. I was at first. Until this morning when I did what I do best. I make a horrible day into a positive day. They are not worth the effort of getting upset. I actually laughed at the situation as it makes me think of how close an F student became to being a teacher. Although I do not intend to stop there. I intend to get my credentials and show all who doubt me my middle digit of my five fingers, that I use to both write this blog, as well as create things out of metal. Even if I never use it, I want to do it for me. There are so many other great places that I can be. I know I will do something GREAT. I will not know what it is until the time comes for me to do it. I will succeed. I will prevail. I do not need to replace anyone or anything. I will eventually become who I need to be on my own, on my own path, built from the foundation of what I have already accomplished in my life. I may be at the last step of my latter, but I will use my skills to create my own additional steps forward towards my goals. I can do so because I know that I have the skills to do so and the unconditional backing from the friends that I hold close. Something will land. I am unsure what, but we will experience it in this life together. Don’t be afraid to fall, as you can always get back up. Don’t be afraid to jump ahead when the path is blocked, as it’s the first jump that is both the hardest and the most important. I have never felt so confident. Jeff, you got my back don’t ya? I knew you would..

To a better year, this is Skrach saying, you will see a better tomorrow. I am proof. Just hang in there. It will arrive. I promise.

Thanks for reading,


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