a sneak peak into the past is a website that I seen a commercial for on cable. Memory Lane is a resource of vintage photos and videos, retro magazines and articles, as well as information on events and activates that happened through out the 40’s thru the 90’s. United online Inc.  launched, which it calls “the largest archive of nostalgic content on the Internet.”

The website allows visitors to relive the past through 60 years of Americana with over 100 million pieces of content dating from 1940 through 1999. Visitors can search the site for a specific type of content or choose any year or decade from the 1940s through the 1990s to experience the sights, sounds and memories of that era. In connection with the launch, the name of United Online’s subsidiary Classmates Online Inc. has been changed to Memory Lane Inc.’s growing collection includes vintage magazines, historic newsreels, classic sports highlights, movie trailers, song samples and cover art from memorable albums, timeless photos, and the most extensive catalog of digitized high school yearbooks online. Here is the commercial that was brought to my attention. is in joint partnership and supplies memorylane,cm with yearbook photos and info from across the United States. The site is relatively new but managed to already have over one hundred million photographs in its data base and that is not counting the other files.

So whether you are looking for photos, music, magazines, and or other retro, vintage, passe’ information this website should give you what you are looking for. Retro and vintage is coming back. I still want to open a store that sells vintage retro new and old items for the retro and vintage enthusiast or “retro-ist” as I call them. I also have been thinking of a career change. I think I want to leave my bodywork, fabrication, and restoration skills  as a hobby and not as a career. I am looking into maybe going back to school and getting a degree in something or a certification of some sort.

One idea that I have is being a barber and opening a retro style barber shop. Hot towels, pomade, tunes coming from a jukebox, and the sharp sound of a straight razor shaving the five o’clock shadows from a gentleman face. Ithought it might be fun to create a barber shop where people can come in, hang out, get a haircut, get a clean shave, and a small shoulder massage as they used to include with the price of a haircut back in the day.

Who knows, I am not sure which path I want to go down, but I am sure once I know which one I want to go down it will be the best one. I do not need to be rich to be happy. I am just looking for a job that will allow me to pay my bills and have a little spending money each month to where I can live comfortable. But who knows, I may find another path along the way.  I am sure everything will work out in the end. If you want to see for yourself  just click on the link below:

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