Disneyland footage via youtube

I am going to Disneyland in about 12 days. I love everything about Disneyland. But most of all I love the history. I love bringing people who have never been to Disneyland as it is so much fun seeing them eyes wide open mouth open with awe and no words to say as they soak it all in. This trip we have four people who have not been to Disneyland. So this will be a very fun filled trip. As their tour guide through Walt’s Magic Kingdom, I will ensure they will get a history lesson as well as one of the best time’s of their lives. Disneyland is a magical place. It gives you a feeling that you will not experience anywhere else. I have been to many theme parks and the only one that urges me to come back is Disneyland. The feeling you get when you cross under the tracks of the Disneyland Railroad and enter town square is completely indescribable. It is something that keeps you coming back for more. I am always looking for old footage from when Disneyland was fresh and new and for the longest time there was only footage from opening day. When I searched for new footage that had been recently posted since my last search I came across these videos. So here are the construction update videos along with a Main street tour. Enjoy.

And for the last video, this was a special treat for guests visiting the park around its 55th anniversary of which I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky ones. At the Main Street Cinema they had color footage from opening day July17th 1955.

Also some very sad news came last week when word that Wally Boag had passed away. Wally was one of the greatest entertainers of Disneyland. He also is the voice of the Masters of Ceremonies “Jose” the parrot at the Enchanted Tiki room. He inspired many people to hone their craft in the entertainment business including Steve Martin who had started his career in Disneyland first as a paper boy handing out the Disneyland News paper and then as a clerk working in the magic shop on Main St. Steve Martin being an avid twitter user had posted this via twitter “My hero, the first comedian I ever saw live, my influence, a man to whom I aspired, has passed on. Wally Boag.” Wally Boag didn’t work alone. He had a stage cohert name Betty Taylor. Oddly the following day, June 4, 2011, Boag’s long time partner at the Golden Horseshoe Revue, Betty Taylor, had passed also. So now they are playing on the great stage in the sky. Thank you to you both Wally and Betty for a wonderful era of entertainment history in Disneyland. To help memorialize them and their craft here are 3 videos of them performing at the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Frontierland Disneyland.

Wally was very light on his feet..

So that concludes this post about Disneyland and it’s wonders via youtube. I hope you enjoyed watching these wonderful pieces of history. Please comment on the poster’s page of each video and thank them for saving and preserving these wonderful videos.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I truly enjoyed seeing the footage about Disneyland. Sadly I have never been there. The few times I was in California with the Navy didn’t allow for much outside entertainment. When Disney World was built in Orlando, FL I went to it 7 times before Epcot was built but none sense. My aunt and uncle lived in Jacksonville, FL so that is how we were able to go there that often. I hope to go back one day to see how much has changed.

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